Meet the Team

The CMaS Facility was formed with backing from Cornell University. Dr. Esteban Gazel and Dr. Megan Holycross are the PIs of this facility while Lyndsey Fisher (MS) is the primary operator and manager of the lab space. They work together to high-quality data for academic research and advancement as well as industry needs.

Esteban Gazel


Associate professor

Gazel works on solving the puzzles of the Earth by studying processes in the interior of our planet that produce magma and volcanoes. 

Megan Holycross


Assistant Professor

Megan uses controlled laboratory experiments to develop new geochemical tools to quantify the rates (time) and conditions (temperature, pressure, redox state) of magmatic and metamorphic processes. 

Lyndsey Fisher

Research Support specialist

Lyndsey operates and maintains the facilities daily. She schedules and trains users on the instrumentation, operates the LA-ICP-MS, reduces data, develops new operational methods, and manages the CMAS Facility.

Hours of Operation

8:00am – 5:00pm

Trained users can work after-hours or weekends with PI approval. 

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